That’s what HE said – Tuesday #2

ThatsWhatHeSaidTuesdayDas Ziel aller Romance’s: Nach einigen Irrungen und Wirrungen zum Happy – End mit einer wunderschönen Liebeserklärung. Nicht alle „Ich liebe dich’s“ sind denkwürdig, einige  hinterlassen einfach ein gutes, wohlig warmes Gefühl, andere treffen mitten ins Herz und lösen einen wahren Gefühlssturm aus, und andere sind nahezu perfekt, lassen einen beim Lesen kurz innehalten, um diesen Moment, dieses Gefühl zu genießen. Ein kurzer, magischer Augenblick.

(Meine) schönste Liebeserklärung ❤

lover-at-last„You are perfect the way you are.” Blay’s voice was strong. “There is nothing wrong with who and what you have always been. I’m proud of you. And I love you. Now… and always.”
(Lover at Last, S. 578)

Favorite Quotes

*In his fantasy, he kissed his best friend again, pulled back, and… “I love you,” he said into the spray of the shower. “I… love you.” As he closed his eyes against the pain, it was hard to know how much of what ran down his cheeks was water, and how much was something else.*

“I love you. You are my heart beating outside of my chest. I don’t care who you are mated to, or whether they have blond hair or black hair, blue or green eyes, male or female parts—as long as you are happy, that’s all I worry about. I want for you what you want for yourself. I love you, Blaylock—I love you.”

*He had been aware of the distance traveled by his heart, similar to the way a hiker became lost in the wilderness. A half mile out and you could still see where you had started, could easily find the way back home. But ten miles and a number of forks in your trail later and there was no going back. At that point, you had no choice but to marshal the resources to build yourself a shelter and put down fresh roots.*

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